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Out Of Hours - Emergencies

Small Animal Out Of Hours

This does NOT affect equine or farm animal emergencies

If you have an out of hours emergency please do not hesitate to call us on our usual number of 01933 222145, here you will automatically be transferred to the relevant team.

For over 148 years Swanspool Veterinary Clinic has always been proud to provide 24 hour emergency cover for all of its clients.  However, over recent years with increased pet ownership and a significant nationwide decline in the number of vets, it has become an increasingly difficult profession to manage.  

Our team of amazing and dedicated staff has endured a work schedule that has now simply become unsustainable.

For this reason the partners have taken the difficult decision to seek support from outside the practice.  We are now pleased to announce that we have joined in partnership with Northlands Veterinary Centre in Kettering, NN15 7HH, and from the 1st June they have agreed to cover our “Late Out Of Hours Emergencies”.  This is intended to cause as little disruption as possible to our normal running hours, but will make a significant difference to the logistics of recruiting for such a busy practice.

Swanspool will continue to cover out of hours emergencies beyond our opening times until 10pm weekdays and 4pm weekends. At this point we will hand over to Northlands.

Northlands Veterinary Hospital is part of the Vet Partners Northlands Veterinary Group and their hospital is run by a dedicated team of night vets.  They are a long established practice with excellent facilities.

OOH Cover

01933 222145

Please call this number 24/7

You will be automatically directed through to the right team.

Monday to Friday

0.00am - 7.00am

Northlands OOH

7.00am - 7.30am

Swanspool OOH

7.30am - 6.30pm

Swanspool Consulting Times

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Swanspool OOH

10.00pm - 00.00am

Northlands OOH


0.00am - 8.00am

Northlands OOH

8.00am - 8.30am

Swanspool OOH

8.30am - 1.00pm

Swanspool Consulting Times

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Swanspool OOH

4.00pm - 00.00am

Northlands OOH

Sunday & Bank Holidays

0.00am - 8.00am

Northlands OOH

8.00am - 4.00pm

Swanspool OOH

4.00pm - 00.00am

Northlands OOH

How can I contact Northlands direct?

Northlands Veterinary Hospital are based in Kettering,
Their address is: 6 Station Road, Kettering, Northants NN15 7HH
Their contact numbers are 01536 485543 (daytime) or 01536 516999 (OOH)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you outsourcing some of your OOH?

Swanspool Veterinary Clinic, like most independent practices, do not have a dedicated night vet.  Therefore, out of hours emergencies are dealt with by our team of day vets.  These vets will have worked a full day and will work another full day after being on call, potentially working a shift of up to 36 hours on a busy night.  This is obviously unsustainable for our staff and patients alike.  Unfortunately due to a nationwide shortage of vets we have struggled to recruit over the last two years and have found ourselves particularly short staffed, meaning our vets are having to work these hours on a more regular basis than ever before.  Coupled with increased demand following the growth in pet ownership there has been an enormous strain on our ability to provide the high standard of day and night care that we strive for.  Although we haven't taken this decision lightly, having provided this service for many years, we have unfortunately been left with no option other than to join forces with Northland Veterinary Hospital.  We feel this is a positive step in order to provide the best possible care.

Will this affect Equine/Farm services?

No, our Equine & Farm OOH service will continue to be provided by our dedicated Equine/Farm vets.

Why now?

We understand this news will upset many of our clients and we reiterate that we haven't taken this decision lightly. We have been trying to recruit additional vets and nurses for many months.  Over the last few years, staff have left us and moved to practices where they don't have to perform out of hours work.  The pressures of being on call, and the hours required to work, are the biggest contributing factors to them leaving us.  Many of our current staff have worked at Swanspool Veterinary Clinic for many years now.  Their skill and dedication is the same as it has always been and your pets welfare will remain our primary concern.  The veterinary industry is undergoing a huge recruitment crisis and many more vets will leave the profession as a result of the pressures and demands. We have made this decision so that it will enable us to still see and treat over 95% of our cases and ensure the remaining cases we cannot see have contact details, advice and care from a dedicated night team. This will ensure our vets and nurses are also taken care of.

How will I know who to call?

In order to make the transition as seamless as possible, you will always call our main telephone number (01933 222145 and select option 1), your call will be automatically diverted to Northlands Veterinary Hospital outside of our consulting & OOH times (i.e. Weekdays after 10pm, Saturdays/ Sundays/Bank Holidays after 4pm).

How will I make payment?

Payment terms will remain the same, with payment at the time of treatment.  If the treatment is carried out by Swanspool, then payment will be made to us, if the treatment is carried out at Northlands, payment will be made to them directly. Any special agreements / account facilities that have been arranged with Swanspool will remain but won’t be automatically applied at Northlands.

Will Northlands have access to my pet’s medical history?

If your pet is required to be seen at Northlands, they will have full access to your pet’s clinical history.  If it is necessary for your pet to be hospitalised at Northlands, then they can be returned to us on the next working day, where they will remain as a Swanspool inpatient until they are fit enough to go home.

How will I know  how my pet is doing?

Please rest assured that any pets already hospitalised in our clinic will not have to be transferred and will continue to receive 24 hour care by ourselves.  Our dedicated night nurses will continue to monitor these patients throughout the night and will have the support of one of our on call vets.  You will be updated during the evening on the progress of your pet.

What if my pet is insured?

Northlands are able to offer support with insurance claims and we will continue to offer our admin service for claims.  If  treatment is undertaken by both practices, two claims will need to be submitted.  Our Insurance administrator will be able to offer individual assistance as required. Admin charges for insurance claims may still apply.

How will I know how my pet is doing if they have been admitted to Northlands?

The main number to Northlands Veterinary Hospital will allow you to discuss your pet’s condition, or any concerns you may have with a member of their team.

What happens if my pet is receiving treatment during the day at Swanspool and needs to stay overnight?

Please rest assured that any pets already hospitalised in our clinic during the day will NOT have to be transferred and will continue to receive 24 hour care with ourselves.  As loyal professionals in the practice we will continue to provide your pet with the continuity of care you have come to expect.  As before, our dedicated night nurses will continue to care for these patients overnight at the practice and will still have the support of our own Swanspool vets.

If I have an emergency during the night who do I call?

If your pet has an emergency whilst the practice is closed you can still ring our usual number of 01933 222145 and you will be automatically directed through to the right team, whether this be our own vets or Northlands emergency service.

Where will I have to take my pet in an out of hours emergency?

If you are directed through to Northlands out of hours (see above times) your pet will need to go their hospital based in Kettering. Their address is: 6 Station Road, Kettering, Northants NN15 7HH

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