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Our normal policy is payment at the time of treatment. We normally expect our insured clients to settle their account with us and claim re-imbursement from their insurers.

Claims are processed on the understanding that you agree to pay a £7.50 administration fee (payable every 6 months per condition) for all claims. We charge this as insurance claims are often complicated and involve a considerable amount of time

In certain circumstances the practice is willing to allow an insurance company to settle directly with us. This is done entirely at the discretion of the partners and is subject to the following conditions:

1. The policy excess is paid at the outset of treatment.

2. A signed claim form (if required) is completed by the client and a direct payment to the practice has been requested on the form.  This must be received by the practice as soon as possible following your initial consultation.

3. It is understood that in the event of an insurance company refusing to allow a claim, the balance will be paid in full by the client.

4. If the claim is not settled after a period of 2 months from the date of the claim, the practice will expect the client to settle the account in full.

Excess Payments

All policies are different, and excesses vary considerably between insurance companies.  Excess payments are usually applied annually to policies, per condition, some insurance companies also deduct an additional % excess for every claim.  Please check your policy for specific details.

All balances will remain on your file until paid in full by the insurance company.  If further deductions or excess are deducted by your insurance company, our accounts team will contact you when a claim has been settled to advise you of any outstanding balances.

Should you have a query regarding your claim, please call and speak to our Insurance administrator who will be able to assist you.

Referral fees

In the case of your pet being referred to a specialist referral centre or hospital, a referral fee of £25 will be charged to cover the professional time required to submit the request.  This fee is sometimes claimable through your insurance and will be added to your claim (where applicable).  In the event that the insurance company doesn’t cover the referral fee, our accounts team will contact you to advise the fee is outstanding and payment will be required from the policy holder.

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