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Please Note that we do not have any control over any of the websites below - these are for reference only and any specific veterinary problems should be discussed with your vet.



Information on pet health and welfare


Hills - Pet Nutrition

Royal Canin - Pet Nutrition

Small Mammals:

Information on caring for gerbils, together with show dates

Hamster information

General advice on rabbit health


The British Chelonia Group

The Tortoise Trust

The National Parrot Society

British Budgerigar Society with information on caring and showing

National Fancy Rat Society

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Cats Protection League

The Feline Advisory Bureau

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Dogs Trust

The People and Dogs Society

Hearing dogs for deaf people

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals

British Veterinary Nursing Association. Education

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Taking Your Pets Abroad:

Government website file on taking pets abroad

Government website about taking your pets abroad


Advice on pet worming

Information on parasite control


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